When the diminutive Issei Sagawa turned cannibal, he literally “went Dutch” Foregoing his usual fare - perhaps a rice bowl, sushi, noodles or sukiyaki, he dinned on a beautiful Dutch student (Renée Hartevelt) and ate quite a lot of her, too.

On Tuesday, June 9, 1981, Sagawa invited Renée to his 10 Reu Erlanger apartment. They enjoyed literary conversation, and she readily agreed. Over the course of the evening, Sagawa decided that his desire for the pretty woman went far beyond sexual attraction. As she sat on his bed reading German Poetry, Sagawa realized what he truly desired was to eat her. So he took up a rifle and, while she read with her back toward him, he took aim at her head. The gun misfired. The rest of the evening passed uneventfully, leaving a frustrated Sagawa to invite her back again the next evening to celebrate his thirty-second birthday.

Renée returned to Sagawa’s apartment the next evening as agreed. In the interim, Sagawa had prepared a tape recorder to capture her words as she read more poetry. While she sat at his desk with her back to him, he picked up the rifle and shot her once in the back of the neck. she slumped forward and died instantly. Sagawa later said he fainted with the shock of killing Renée but came to with the realization that he now had to carry out his desire to eat her. He grabbed a heavy knife from the kitchen and started to cut into the dead woman’s buttocks…

(Source: TheodoreCowell)

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