In 1966 Walter Kelbach and Myron Lance, pictured above, went on a killing spree while they were both out of prison on parole. Their crime spree started when they kidnapped a gas station attendant, who was discovered the next day naked, raped and dead - having been stabbed five times. It was reported that during their first two murders, both involving robbery, abduction and rape, Lance and Kelbach flipped a coin to determine who would be the person to actually commit the murder. They would kill a total of 6 people during their spree, with it finally ending when they were apprehended after they entered a tavern in Salt Lake City and began shooting. 


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Jimmy page, Whisky Go Go Show, West Hollywood, California. January 1969

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Serial killer Robert Hansen with one of his hunting trophies from a goat. Hansen would lure women to his cabin, brutalise them and then release them into the wilderness, where he would hunt them down like animals. It is thought he murdered between 17-21 people.

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Serial killer Ted Bundy’s prison cell which he escaped out of on the 30th of December 1977, by cutting a hole in the ceilling

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